A Life Worth Celebrating

A Life Worth CelebratingCAMPAIGN 2017

A life worth celebrating campaign asks the question “What If?” What if this year your birthday party was used to give back to the children of our fallen servicemen and woman. What if the race you run in your home town was used for our “Running for a Purpose,” or the bike trek you do every year became a way for you to promote awareness and funds for the mission of A Soldiers Child Foundation? What if you and your coworkers, or your softball team or your family decided to create your own fundraiser for our ASC kids all across our great country? What if that successful fundraiser you and yours have already been doing for years, was designated for the children most deserving of our attention, the children of the fallen American Defenders of Freedom.

Our “A Life Worth Celebrating” campaign asks what if you were able to make an impact in an ASC child’s life, would you do it? You can! You can be the hands, feet, and heart of A Soldier’s Child Foundation and help further our mission of aiding the children of fallen military personal and assuring them that they have not been forgotten