The Battle Run 

September 15th 2018 Browns Racing LLC will be hosting The Battle Run for A Soldiers Child Foundation. 

When the sunrises on The Big Orange Country Farm in Chapel Hill Tennessee: A battle will begin. Join us as we send our runners on a 5K epic journey through the woods and pastures of this 205 year old country farm. Participants will have to run, walk, crawl, pull, carry, climb, and jump as they encounter a barricade of obstacles on their journey to glory and victory for A Soldiers Child Foundation.

This is a get dirty race anyone can start and everyone can finish! But the run doesn’t end at the finish line. Meet your friends and family in our festival area to enjoy games, food, and jam out to your favorite groove with our DJ. And, as if you weren’t awesome enough, you also get a super soft t-shirt, an awesome finisher prize, and photos of you on the course.

Rise up and join us on “The Battle Run”, as ASC cares for the children of our fallen American defenders of freedom.

I have a personal relationship with A Soldiers Child Foundation. My connection to ASC began in India Co. 3/24 U.S.M.C.

This is where I met Marine Staff Sergeant Marc Golczynski. “Ski” and I served in the same platoon in India Co. and we were deployed together in 2004 to Fallujah Iraq.

When we returned, Marc decided to volunteer for a second deployment. Marc made the ultimate sacrifice on that deployment and left behind his wife and son.

Daryl Mackin started A Soldiers Child Foundation shortly after the Golczynski’s loss with the intent to bring Love, Honor and Hope to the children left behind.

I have been volunteering for ASC as a mentor for several years now. I also have helped in many fundraising ventures.

Browns Racing LLC is calling to battle all willing participants in a new fundraiser for A Soldiers Child Foundation; THE BATTLE RUN.

Join us for a epic day with purpose and passion for a worthy cause.

Chris Brown
Browns Racing LLC

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