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Our mission is to serve the children of military personnel who have lost their lives on active duty while defending the United States of America.

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Our programs and services, including birthday celebrations, youth camps, young adult excursions, educational scholarship, S.O.S Christmas and more, are solely for the children who have lost an American military father or mother.

DEATH AFTER SERVICE: If the deceased parent died after active duty service, yet it was service related, please contact our office at 615 220-1600 and ask for Heather Von Loh  (Scholarship Administrator) or email our Founder & Executive Director

We enroll young adults over the age of 18 for our leader mentorship program (PS23).


ENROLLING PERSON: Only the surviving parent or legal guardian may enroll an eligible child.

SHIPPING: ASC would love to honor every single child eligible, however due to mounting shipping costs for our over-sized boxes we have limited shipping to the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. If you live outside of our shipping area, but want to be a part of our program, please provide a U.S. shipping address of a relative or friend and we are happy to ship your child’s box to that location. As always, we can NOT ship to a P.O. Box, only a physical address. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Enrollment Process

ASC may from time to time close enrollment periods throughout the calendar year. Currently, enrollment is open. Use the register button below to enroll your child(ren).

  1. The button above will take you to:

  2. Click Register Now: This will take 10 minutes of your time, but it will last a lifetime for your children.

  3. On the next page enter your First Name & Last Name: Also your E-Mail Address, Confirm E-Mail Address, Password (Set your password), and Confirm Password.

  4. Click the Registration button. This will take you to a page that says “Thanks! Your account has been created!” and Login Now.

  5. Click Login Now: Enter your e-mail address and password, then click the login button on the right. It will take you to the Welcome Page.

  6. Now you will click on Step 1: Create A Profile.

  7. Creating a profile is the information about you the Parent/Legal Guardian. Once you have answered the questions, click the Create Profile button at the bottom of the page. This will take you a page that says Thanks! Your profile has been created. Continue to Add Recipient.

  8. Click the Add Recipient link: It will take to you a page that will have you fill out the information for your recipient child. Fill out this information and then click the Add Recipient Child & Gift Interview Form button at the bottom.

  9. It will then say Thanks! The recipient has been added.

  10. If you have additional children to add: Click Add Recipient on the left of this page and add your child. Do this step for each additional child that you have.

  11. Complete the waiver of liability: (Complete & Submit) This will only need to be filled out once to cover all camps and events your children participate in with ASC. 

  12. Complete a Health/Medical form: (Complete & Submit) This form will need to be updated prior to an ASC event your child is participating in if there have been any health or medication changes.

  13. Complete a Media Release form: (Complete & Submit) This for will need to be filled out to grant permission to A Soldier’s Child Foundation, for any Media/Photography used in any Media publications.

If you have any issues enrolling online or if you have any other concerns, please contact or call 615 220-1600 and ask for Heather Von Loh – Scholarship Administrator.