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Our mission is to serve the children of military personnel who have lost their lives on active duty while defending the United States of America.


Driven forward and upward by what we believe in

PS23 is a leadership program with emotional, physical, and spiritual growth for ASC recipients, 18 years of age and older. Even if you are in your 30’s and have not been in the foundation for our birthday celebrations or camps, you still qualify if you lost a military parent during active duty service or a post service-related death.

Our ASC young adults develop leadership skills through team building challenges during our “Off-the-Grid” outdoor adventure excursions, seminars, and conferences.  Friendships and memories are made that will last a lifetime.

Off-The-Grid attendees are invited back as PS23 Mentors to our yearly youth camps offered for ASC kids from 9 years of age, up to 17 years old.

PS23 Mentors build on their “Servant Leadership” skills, based on Christian principles and values. PS23 stands for Psalms 23 and the 6 verses within the chapter.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing……. he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.”

It is at our numerous camps that our PS23 Mentors practice leading through serving and caring for younger ASC kids that have experienced the loss of a military parent. Healing happens for both our leaders and campers. It is utterly amazing to see “empathy” as the healing tool to find hope.

PS23 Off the Grid

ADVENTURE PS23 Mentors enjoy a wide array of outdoor trips and adventures such as hiking, jet skiing, canoeing, tubing, water skiing and other activities in our PS23 “Off-the-Grid” excursions.

SERVING PS23 Mentors are the helping hands and hearts of ASC during our numerous ASC youth camps throughout the year. Our youth look up to the PS23 Mentor as a brother or sister, as they're shown love and compassion.

CULTURE PS23 culture is driven with purpose and passion. Our leaders attend conferences, seminars, outback excursions and special retreats emphasizing on Christian principles and values as they relate to leadership and the career paths of our young adults.

Upcoming PS23 Off the Grid Events:

Off-the-Grid Trip, Utah
Sept 5-10, 2024
Enjoy a six-day week of adventure, fellowship, and fun. For ASC young adults ages 18 and older interested in pursuing what it means to become an ASC PS23 mentor.
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Discipleship Training

PS23 Discipleship Training Seminar is designed for ASC young adults who have identified themselves as believers. The emphasis on PS23 has always been to acknowledge what the very first verse of Psalms 23 (PS23) says..... "For the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." The other 5 verses are just as profound, but it is here in the very first verse that the purpose driven life is found. It clearly states that I am not the center of my life, God my creator is, I am second. I am a sheep that depends on the good Shepherd to lead me. The Lord is my Shepherd.

During our Discipleship Training Seminar, PS23 Disciples will embark on a journey to grow in their relationship with God and grow in the understanding of God’s promises. They will also grow in their relationships with one another. This training will help guide them, as they are mentoring our younger ASC children, specifically at our Journey Camp.

Upcoming Discipleship Trainings:

None at this time - check back for updates.

Journey Camp

Journey Camp is the most important camp that PS23 Disciples can attend. PS23 Disciples guide the younger ASC children in a safe environment, where they can be themselves, let down their guard, trust and receive love, honor and hope. PS23 Disciples are assigned to lead a cabin of 10 younger ASC kids for the week.

They ensure that the younger ASC children receive empathy during their pursuit of adventure, building life-long relationships and finding restoration and healing in their lives.​