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Eric Richey

Eric Richey is an internationally recognized technologist, business strategist, conservationist and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience building high performing organizations, teams and industry verticals. He is a native Montanan and a 1991 graduate of the University of Wyoming where he was a track & field scholarship athlete, Captain of the UW Men’s’ Track Team for two years and a collegiate record holder in the pole vault. Eric graduated with a degree in Physics / Astrophysics and was Navy-bound with aspirations of training as a Navy Aviator after college graduation. The end of the Gulf War however delayed his entrance into military service during which time he started his first technology company in south Florida, a decision that would forever reshape his life and career.

Eric’s business successes have been widely documented across multiple business segments and business verticals including state and federal government, telecommunications, North American wildlife management & conservation, & media & marketing to name a few. Eric is an avid car enthusiast, outdoorsman, and the host of the 2-time Emmy Award-winning tv program “The Sovereign Sportsman” which allowed him to begin working with ASC nearly 10 years ago as one of the original contributors to ASC’s outdoor mentorship / camp programs.  Eric lives in Smyrna with his wife Christi, have 6 children and a new baby granddaughter!