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Jennifer Washabaugh


Jennifer Washabaugh was born in Ohio, grew up in Florida, moved to Tennessee in 2005, and by 2009 had four wonderful children, Rachel, Megan, Katie and Timothy. She’s been a teacher since 2007, focusing specifically on music, when she became an adjunct professor at The Renaissance Center. Later, she enjoyed teaching at Merlot Sound Recording Studio, where several of her students made professional recordings of their work, and she now teaches part-time in her home studio. In 2017, Jennifer began Peaceful Hills Retreat, a Bed & Breakfast, wedding venue, and campground located in Centerville, TN. It consists of three lovely homes, thirty forest campsites, and ninety-seven acres that is a retreat for others to get away from the city to find some rest and relaxation.

In 2012, Jennifer became a widow after her husband had served eighteen years in the military, and her children became recipients to A Soldier’s Child. As a parent who has witnessed sadness and shame replaced with new hope and honor from ASC, Jennifer is extremely happy to be a part of the team and to encourage other military families who have experienced the same great loss of a loved one.